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UV Stabilised Coatings

Plastic Mouldings

In-House Finished Products

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Production of Various Fibers

We produce mono-filament fibers that can be specifically modified for different applications and come in various sizes and shapes. The material that we use is PP as it is the most environmentally friendly material and easily is recyclable. 

UV Stabilised Coatings

A strong industrial PP coating that is used to enhance the strength and durability of the wooden base for which it is used. The coating provides a user-friendly product. 

Plastic Mouldings

Moulding as a support product for our coated handles, and which is produced for different kinds of industrial brushware among other things.

In-House Finished Products

Various in-house finished products, including industrial platform brooms, that are entirely produced within our factory from start to finish. 

Latest Projects

Steel Strong Range

Industrial platform brooms that come in various sizes, with an emphasis on strength and durability.

Macro Fibers for Concrete Reinforcement

Specially modified PP fibers for use in construction.

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